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So many different messages to choose from...
Messages in English:
  1. First night together
  2. You are a great love
  3. Love at first sight
  4. How good it feels to love you
  5. How nice it was to meet you again
  6. I accept to be your lover
  7. I'll wait for you
  8. I dreamt about you
  9. You were only a dream
  10. Have I ever told you that I love you
  11. I adored meeting you
  12. I adored going out with you
  13. I am happy with you
  14. I've found out your secret
  15. I'm a lover, I know 

And more than 500 other titles of love messages in Portuguese and Spanish.
Good morning
Good night
Missing you
Loving you
and religious love messages

Soon we'll have love messages in Dutch and other languages.

Just send us an e-mail, we'll be glad to help you choose the right message.
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