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Love 'n' Care Telemessages
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A Telemessage is a different, romantic, surprising way to express your feelings to a person that you admire. It's also a very unique gift very much apreciated by its originality and content.

Telemessage by telephone:
We have a great variety of professionally pre-recorded messages for several kinds of different occasions. At the moment of the order you listen to message before making your choice. We'll transmit the chosen message to the person at the time and date set by you to almost anywhere in the world.
Telemessage on audio-cd:
The telemessage can also be recorded on a cd. We will personalize the label of the cd with a picture and text sent by you. We can mail it directly to the person chosen or send it to you.

Telemessage on photo-cd:
Send us a picture or pictures of the person that you want to surprise, we'll add special effects to them & record them on a cd with an animation and the audio message chosen by you. The label will be personalized as you wish. We can mail the cd directly to the person chosen or send it to you.
Telemessage by e-mail:
We can also send telemessages to the person chosen by you through the mail. This message can go together with your favorite photos, specially treated and with a special animation on it. Let us know how you want it and we'll do our best to please you.

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